When it comes to commercial buildings, office buildings, or residential buildings clients look at qualities and benefits of modern flat roofs that are offered today.  Durable, easy to maintain, safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, decorative and suitable for every building type.

Every roof is treated as an individual project. Flat roofs protect storage places, halls, garages, foyers and balconies and turn them into sophisticated and visually attractive structures.

The roof – protects your investment and the value of your building Shingles are not only a design element of your house, it also protects against environmental influences and thus contributes significantly to maintaining the value of your property. A prerequisite for this is the quality of your roof. We provide you with our team of experts for roofing, gutters, siding, carpentry work as well as plumbing construction.

We have 3 certified service teams on 24 hour calls to address your service needs.

Insurance and warranties with every serviceWe have 4 full time certified crews witch will install your roof with quality and speed.Warranty provided by Wyndermere roofing and the ManufacturerWe can repair any kind of roof related issue and match existing materials or surpass by using materials and techniques that make your roof last longer.

Analytical roof check, professional repairs, optimization of your roof including regular cleaning and maintenance - all from a single source. The inspection team will do an assessment that is the basis for our detailed drawing and report.This leads to a personalized maintenance plan that, if followed correctly, will increase the roof’s life expectancy by 20-30%. Maintenance plans for annual or biannual inspections available. We offer home and commercial building inspections Infrared thermal imaging scans with written reports. Repairs based on our yearly maintenance program avoid unforeseen damage, that if left or not repaired properly, will lead to loss in profits and damages to your income property.
Green Roofing

Natural roof design, forward-looking and long lasting.
Green roofs advantages are:

• Increases your roof’s life span, therefore decreasing annual costs
• Increases property value by developing outdoor living space that fits the   character of your property
• Soil thickness on the green roof will help control the room climate in winter   damping, cooling in summer.
• Reduces noise and air pollution, especially in urban areas.
• Wyndermere Roofing can develop any green roof that fits the character and    vision of your property.


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